Favourites Bundle

Favourites Bundle

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Sold out :( Our recent production run of M-Caps Daily sold out before the release date. Our next production run is scheduled for October

Our Favourites Bundle is the best way to sample our most popular OMGTEA products. Our Favourites Bundle contains a 14 day supply of Sophie's Original blend teabags, a 28 day supply of our new Matcha Daily M-Caps. Follow our 2 step program and build our products into your daily routine to improve overall health and encourage healthy weight loss*:

Step 1Promote efficient digestive health to help reduce bloating with Sophie's Original blend teabags
Step 2Receive energy support for your workday or workout with Matcha M-Caps capsules

For best results, we recommend following the routine below for 14 days combined with healthy eating and regular exercise:

With breakfast: 1 cup of Sophie's Original blend teabags
Morning tea: 1-2 Matcha Daily M-Caps 
5 minutes before lunch: 1 cup of Sophie's Original 

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