M-Caps Complete Bundle

M-Caps Complete Bundle

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The Complete M-Caps Bundle contains all three types of M-Caps: Daily, Plus, and Active. Having all three types of M-Caps means that you will always have the right blend of M-Caps available no matter what your day throws at you - whether it is studying, dealing with kids, meeting a work deadline or going to the gym. Each bottle contains 60 capsules, so you should have enough capsules to last up to 6 weeks if you consume all three types of M-Caps daily.

Recommended intake: 

2 M-Caps Daily capsules with breakfast

1 M-Caps Plus capsule to help with concentration

1-2 M-Caps Active capsules before a workout

If you workout in the morning, just swap one of the Daily capsules out and take an Active capsule instead.

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