M-Caps Plus

M-Caps Plus

Thinking Caps

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All the benefits of our Daily M-Caps with added B vitamins to support improved focus and memory. Our Plus capsules contain organic Japanese matcha mixed with essential B vitamins. The B vitamins and taurine in our Plus capsules interact with the matcha green tea to calm the body while boosting concentration levels. Our Plus capsules are ideal for students or professionals.

+ Formulated matcha capsules with added B vitamins to support improved focus and memory

+ Great for productivity - perfect for those who need to concentrate at work or while studying

 + Contains essential B vitamins and 100% of your daily folic acid needs 

Take two capsules per day for 30 days or take 1 - 2 capsules whenever you need to concentrate. Each bottle contains 60 capsules and should last 30 days. For added energy support, combine with our M-Caps Daily or M-Caps Active capsules.

The average person spends over $100 a month on coffee. Try swapping out your daily coffee with Daily M-Caps capsules for a month. You'll not only save over $70, but you'll get energy support and all the benefits of matcha green tea... without the taste. 

Made in New Zealand using certified organic Japanese matcha. 100% vegan.

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