Sophie's Original

Over 1 million cups of Sophie's Original consumed in New Zealand! Haven't tried it yet? Now's your chance! Use the code OMG2018 for 18% off all Sophie's Original orders

Sophie's Original

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Use the code OMG2018 for 18% off 

Sophie's Original is a signature blend of oolong, dandelion, hawthorn berry, jasmine and lotus leaf. Since the first blend of Sophie's Original was created 3 years ago, over 1 million cups have been consumed in New Zealand. Sophie's Original can be consumed every day and helps with bloating and unnecessary water retention. 

Sophie's Original has an earthy taste, but it is much smoother than green tea and is very easy to drink. It is hard to compare Sophie's Original to other teas on the market in New Zealand because there isn't anything like it. Most of our customers really enjoy the taste, but if you find it unusual at first we have a few who like to add a small amount of honey or lemon to their Sophie's Original to adjust the taste.

+ Promotes efficient digestive function to help reduce bloating 

+ When combined with healthy eating and exercise, Sophie's Original can encourage healthy weight loss* 

+ Each teabag is individually wrapped for convenience so you can carry Sophie's Original with you everywhere you go

100% natural, perfect for drinking daily to promote overall health

+ Senna-Free Tea: Sophie's Original does not contain any senna 

No milk required. Just brew and go

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